Important update regarding our Hosting service!

Important update regarding our Hosting service!   Dear users,   We are pleased to inform you that we are making an improvement to our Hosting service to offer you an even better experience. As part of this update, we will be moving our servers to a more advanced and efficient infrastructure.   It is essential that all users who are not ... Повеќе »

10th May 2023 it does not work

Google informed us today that a subdomain was being used to Phishing, so the domain is inaccessible. We have taken measures to this and we have informed google to verify, The registry with free subdomain has been withdrawn.   Domain removed due to phishing activities   Today I will inform you about the ... Повеќе »

4th Nov 2022
WordPress Plugins & Themes GPL

Hello everyone Now we also have more than 4000 Premium Plugins & Themes Free for those who create pages with WordPress

you can find some and request more in 

We try to add more and update to the latest versions every week

9th Jul 2022
Your support is important

Hello, we want to ask you for help, if you have been using your free hosting for a while.


We invite you to tell us what you liked and give us lots of love at


You can also show love at


Thanks for your support

9th Jul 2022
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