Why wont they accept my web hosting package?

The main causes of why we do not accept orders are:

Data does not match

This is when you register with other data and your geolocation is different from the ones provided. Orders will be canceled or marked as fraudulent.

You have more than account.

Only one hosting package per user account is allowed, it is forbidden to create more accounts to have more packages, this will be considered spam and will be removed and blocked.

Unconfirmed email

This will cause your order to be canceled if you do not confirm your address within 24 hours of placing your order.

No temporary email

We do not allow registration with temporary emails, this will get all your account suspended. 

Important: Check if your email is in a data breach haveibeenpwned

Invalid domain

 Do not add a domain that is not registered or that does not belong to you, this will cause your order to be canceled


if you add your domain make sure you change your nameservers or points to the server to validate that the domain belongs to you, if you already have your website and want to migrate, contact support

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